Hi there!

My name is Caroline. I`m from Luxembourg (this tiny little country in Europe). Currently I`m also living in Vienna to study architecture.


I`m the weird girl on the table next to you, taking pictures of her apple pie before she even tries it. Simply because I love seeing the world through my camera (mostly Iphone 5) and being able to capture moments not only in my mind but also on film. I could spend hours looking at old pictures and thinking about all those memories.

I have so many passions and I love documenting life, that`s why I started writing this blog in July 2015. So if you like cooking, traveling or simply things that make life more beautiful, you`ll feel right at home here!

Thanks for stopping by, I`m so happy you`re here!

Love, Caroline ♥


8 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. weebluemixer says:

    Hahaha I’m also the weird girl taking pictures of my food ( or my hubbies) food and also taking photos of every event I go to and everything I see and do! Loving you dress in this photo by the way!


  2. thestudiojosie says:

    Hi, Caroline!! Your blog looks awesome!! I am also that person who takes photos of their food, even before tasting it — and I’m not ashamed! Haha. Looking forward to your posts! – Josie


    • Caroline says:

      Hi :)
      Yes I`m studying architecture in Vienna! I`m in my third year now and am currently doing my bachelor. How about you?:) Thanks a lot for leaving a comment! I`m always so happy to “meet” the people who come across my blog!
      xx Caroline


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