I know, the first Advent was already on Sunday, so I`m a little late! Sorry! But maybe some of you still don`t have an Advent wreath and want to try this diy. For all of you who were faster and bought their wreath weeks ago, you can do this diy too and use the candles to decorate your home or your Christmas table.

Advent Wreath 6

You`ll need:

  • Modeling clay
  • aluminum foil
  • Spatula
  • finely granulated sandpaper
  • rolling pin
  • cup of water
  • tea lights
  • Star Pattern (There is a big and a small pattern. I did three small ones and one big star.)

Use the aluminum foil as an underlay, advantage is that the clay doesn`t stick to it. First you have to knead the modeling clay and then you flatten it with your hands. Push a tea light in the middle to make a hole.

Advent Wreath 2

Afterwards use the rolling pin to smooth the surface. Don`t worry, if there are still fissures! We`ll fill them later.

Advent Wreath 3

Lay the star pattern above the clay (make sure that the black circle lies over the tea light hole) and then use a spatula to cut the angles out.

Advent Wreath 4

Now the clay looks like a star, yeah! But we`re not finished yet! Dip your spatula (I used a very small one) into the water and slip over the surfaces. Do it again and again until they are as flat as you like them to be. I wasn`t too fussy about it, because I wanted the stars to look like they were handmade. (And when they are dried you can use sandpaper to do the finishing cut.) To fill the fissures, use a little bit of clay push it into the holes and again, use some water to smooth the surface.

Advent Wreath 5

I let them dry for two days (some modeling clays can also be put into the microwave which is by far the fastest method) and then I used sandpaper to remove the last bumps.

Advent Wreath 7

I`m really happy with how they turned out. Very simple, but as Mies van der Rohe once said: “Less is more”! I couldn`t agree more with him!
Happy Advent season!

Love, Caroline ♥