In April, Ali Edwards invited us to think a little bit more about what our word really means to us. She suggested to write the question on Post-its and then place them around our home, so that we would be constantly reminded of our question.

I have to admit that I didn`t do this prompt like she suggested. Not that I didn`t like it, but first I forgot about hanging Post-its and then the month was nearly over…
Nevertheless, I thought a lot about my word!




Feeling healthy means to me, drinking enough water! I didn`t do that at all until this year. In the past, days could pass and I simply forgot about drinking… Sometimes I didn`t drink a glass of water a whole day! But now, it`s different. In December, when I thought about my goals for 2016, I decided that drinking 1,5 liters a day should be one of my goals. And since then the goal tracker sheet by Elise Cripe helps me to stay focused!


I use these sheets to track several goals. And only recently I realized that they all have something to do with my one little word health.
Feeling healthy means letting go of sugar and alcohol. From October to January, I had to pass on these two, because of some intolerances. And now I`m still living without them, at least for the majority of the time!


Feeling healthy also means doing enough physical activity. I`m not sporty at all! But I love to do yoga and going for a good long walk! Last May I bought a Fitbit Flex and since January I try to hit my goal of 45 000 steps a week.


As you can see, there`s still lots of improvement to be done here! But hey, that`s ok! As Elise says: “Shoot for progress – not perfection”! And I love that idea very much!

These sheets are hanging beside my desk, so that I see them every day and I don`t forget about my goals!


I like that my word incorporates different activities that I can easily do every day. Like this my word is always a part of me and my daily routine!

Love, Caroline ♥

Please note: This is not a sponsored post. I`m taking this class, because I`m interested in it. If you want to do this class as well, you can sign up for it here. And if you want to read more of these posts then click here.


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