One Little Word is a class taught by Ali Edwards. It`s about choosing a word for the upcoming year. At the beginning of each month, there is a new lesson where we get invited to work with our word.

My word for 2016 is health. I already talked a little bit more about it here.
In January, it was all about thinking and writing about your word. Finding a definition, talking about the reason why you chose it and thinking of the expectations you have on this word. It was intense, but very good to get started!

On Ali Edwards`website you can buy items, that are especially designed for the One Little Word class. But I wanted to do my own album. One of my 2016 goals is to create an Art Journal. This isn`t a “real” Art Journal (I don`t know if there even exists a definition), but it`s entirely made by myself. So it`s very creative. And isn`t the main thing about Art Journals the creativity?

OLW16 011

I used two of these rings. The front and the back cover are made of 3mm chipboard and the size is 16x20cm (a little bit bigger than a DIN A5). I pasted a white paper strip onto the front cover and wrote my word health with this golden pen.

OLW16 012

The first page is a picture of my talisman from

OLW16 013

I will add pages to the album as I go and I use 200g paper, size DIN A5. I love that the paper is thicker, because you can`t see through it.

OLW16 014

One of the prompts was to take a photo of ourselves and include it into the album. I printed the picture on my printer at home. I used this special Inkjetpaper and I made sure in the printer settings to click on the button “print on Inkjetpaper” and not “print on normal paper”. This is important for the print quality and I`m very pleased with the result!

OLW16 015

I used the One Little Word digital stamps by Ali Edwards for the headlines. If you purchase the One Little Word class, you get them for free. I filled the “worksheets” out with my own handwriting, because I love the combination of hand and computer written words.

OLW16 016

I want my album to be very simple and clean. I don`t like it if there is too much going on on the pages. I want to stay focused on my word and not on the layout!

OLW16 017

Love, Caroline ♥

Please note: This is not a sponsored post. I`m taking this class, because I`m interested in it. If you want to do this class as well, you can sign up for it here.


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