Hi guys!
We´re already in the middle of March and I haven`t shared my One Little Word February prompt with you yet. So let`s have a look at it!

OLW February 1

In February, we were invited to think about one action that we wanted to do every day for one month. It could be related to our word, but it didn`t have to.
Very quickly, I decided to practice yoga. I`ve done it now for a couple of years, but not very regularly. As my 2016 word is health, I thought it would be very convenient to do something for my body and soul every day.
I have a subscription at, where you can do all kind of sports. I really love their yoga videos! (Unfortunately their website is only available in German, but I`m sure that there exist similar websites in English.)

OLW February 2

For me, it wasn`t difficult to find the time for doing yoga. (That was probably because I had no university for one month!) And I really enjoyed doing it. It helped me feel more relaxed and that was my goal!

OLW February 3

I liked this prompt very much, because I realized that I need to document my actions to actually do them regularly. Out of sight, out of mind!
I`ve never done so much yoga in a month before. And I wanted to continue with it… But this month I haven`t printed such a sheet (they are only available if you are a member of the class) and guess what? I haven`t done yoga a single time yet! It`s crazy! I really really need to print more of those sheets!

So what did I learn about this month?
It`s so important to write your goals down and keep track of them, otherwise you`ll forget about them and that would be very sad!

Love, Caroline ♥

Please note: This is not a sponsored post. I`m taking this class, because I`m interested in it. If you want to know more about it you can read this post and if you want to do this class as well, you can sign up for it here.


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