Salad Challenge

My One Little Word for 2016 is health. Health means to me doing some physical activity, as well as being happy and living a balanced life. Of course food is a big topic with that word! My mum always cooked us fresh meals and when I went to university I started to do the same. I`m eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and always am cooking for myself. Finished products find their way into my fridge only rarely.
So yes, I`m already eating healthy!

Salad Challenge 3

But still, with my word health, I wanted to change something this year. And yes there`s something healthy which I am never eating at home. Not that I don`t like it! It just isn`t a part of my cooking routine. And I want to change that!

We`re talking about salads! Yes I know, probably the easiest thing to cook! And it`s time that I learn the diversity of that food. Because in my head, salads are always green with a little bit of olive oil an that`s it!
Some days ago, I bought a new cookbook about salads and WOW, salads aren`t just green with a little bit of olive oil!

Salad Challenge 2

So here`s what I`m going to do:
I`m setting a challenge for this summer, starting now and ending at the end of September. I want to try 50 salad recipes! The goal is to get a new cooking routine, which means salads should be a fix part of my nutrition in the future.

And to hit that goal, I need YOU!
Please help me find 50 recipes. If you know delicious salad recipes, then contact me via email at
I will be documenting the whole process on Instagram under the hashtag #trying50saladrecipes and you can use it as well, if you want to participate or share some recipes with me!
I will also be sharing with you my favorite recipes here on the blog. And who knows, maybe it`s the one you sent me!

Ok challenge excepted? Yes?
Yes! Let`s do this together!

Love, Caroline ♥



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