My 2015 in pictures book finally arrived!! It took a little bit longer to finish it than I expected. But here it is and it is awesome!!

I designed the book with Blurb and a s always, I`m super happy with the quality. I decided to do a hard cover, because it is more resistible than a soft cover. And I want it to last forever! The size of the book is 18×18 cm, which is perfect, because the book only contains everyday pictures which don`t need to be displayed on a large scale.

You can read more about the idea of “365 – a Picture a Day” here. And now let`s have a look at the book!

365 Book 1

365 Book 14

365 Book 15

For the front and the back cover I used my favorite pictures of the ones that are in the book. It briefly tells my 2015 story: I read a lot, I learned how to knit, I celebrated my 22nd birthday, I did a lot of walks…

And here is a peek inside the book:

365 Book 6

365 Book 3

365 Book 2

365 Book 4

365 Book 7

365 Book 8

365 Book 5

365 Book 9

365 Book 10

365 Book 11

365 Book 12

365 Book 13

When I got the book, I took this pen and wrote all over it! Pictures don`t tell everything and some memories need to be remembered forever. So writing some thoughts down makes the book complete in my eyes!

I did this book out of a little challenge. Documenting a whole year was a big project and I didn`t thought that I would actually finish it. But I did!! At the end it got really difficult to remember to take a picture every single day. (And I missed some!) I hung on, but I decided not to do such a book for 2016.

Now that I have the book, I`m so glad I did it!! And I want to do a similar book for 2016 anyway. For that one, I change the concept a little bit. In fact it`s not necessary to really take a picture EVERY SINGLE DAY. The main thing is to have taken some pictures during the month that show a little bit what I did and then I choose 30 of them to use in the book.
As I`m posting nearly daily on Instagram, this will help me a lot to have enough pictures.

I learned that this isn`t a project of perfectionism, it`s ok to not have taken a picture every single day! The main thing is to have a book at the end that tells your story of a particular year!

Love, Caroline ♥


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