I love documenting life! I like taking pictures and I love photo books. And that`s why, a year ago, I decided to document 2015 by taking one picture every single day. It was kind of like a challenge. Will I really take a picture EVERY SINGLE DAY? (Now I can say: Yes I did!) It can be a picture of the book I`m currently reading, the activity I did that day, the spaghetti I ate or something beautiful I saw. In short, everyday pictures!

Of course just taking pictures is not enough, I need something to hold in my hands: a photo book! I did already some photo books with Blurb and I am very pleased with the quality. So this one is also going to be a Blurb book. I downloaded BookWright, a very easy program for creating books and for this book I chose the 18x18cm size. I haven`t decided yet if I want a hard or a soft cover. But what I have decided on is that all the pictures should be squares and I switch between small, big and full page squares. Like this I have an easy layout that alternates and all the pages match without being boring.

365 1

Above you can see the first page of February. All the months start like this. For the rest of the book I take the layouts I want. Here are some examples:

365 2

365 3

365 4

As you can see, on the last one I left a blank. That`s because once I have the book, I want to write down some notes and facts. Not for every single picture, only when I feel the urge to add something.

I can`t wait to finally hold the book in my hands. Only a few more days to go and then 2015 is over! And that means, I can order the book!  Of course I will show it to you, once I have it!

A whole year in pictures, is there a better way to hold on to all the small and big memories? I don`t think so! 2016 is around the corner, so what are you waiting for? 365 days, 365 pictures, a lot of memories and all of it in one book! Are you ready for a challenge?

Love, Caroline ♥


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