On Saturday, my brother and sister turned 18! I couldn`t let them celebrate alone this special birthday, so on Friday I took a plane and flew back to Luxembourg to surprise them. You can imagine how excited I was to finally (after one month and a half) see my family again. And the surprise was a total success!DIY Plane Tickets / Caroline`s PassionFor a long time I didn`t know what I should give them as a gift. After all, turning 18 is one of the most special birthdays, because you`re attaining full age (at least here in Europe). I`m not often at home, so I don`t see them very much and I thought, the best gift I could make is spending more time with them. And then came the idea:  plane tickets to Vienna!

I didn`t buy actual plane tickets, because I didn`t know when they would want to come. So I decided to tinker some plane tickets and let them choose the month they want to come!

I still had the boarding pass from my last flight. I scanned it and edited it in Photoshop.DIY Plane Tickets / Caroline`s PassionFirst I deleted my name and the date of my flight.DIY Plane Tickets / Caroline`s PassionThen I inserted the name of my sister / brother. I payed attention that the font I use would look the same as the other text on the ticket.DIY Plane Tickets / Caroline`s PassionAfter printing it out, I draw a circle on a piece of paper and divided it into twelve parts. Then I wrote all the months of 2016 in those boxes.
DIY Plane Tickets / Caroline`s Passion

Before I cut out a little box on the ticket, I made sure that the dates would fit into the size of the box.DIY Plane Tickets / Caroline`s PassionThen I cut out the circle, erased the pencil lines and fixed the circle behind the ticket with a clip.DIY Plane Tickets / Caroline`s PassionNow they can turn the circle and choose the month they want to come!DIY Plane Tickets / Caroline`s Passion

I hope you like this little diy! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Love, Caroline ♥


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