For many reasons I really like taking walks. 1) I get fresh air. 2) I get some exercise. 3) I clear my head. 4) I can listen to podcasts. 5) And since I have a fitbit, I can hit my step goal by taking a good long walk.

Some time ago I found this post on Elise Cripe`s blog and I immediately thought that I wanted to do the same thing. By doing a photo walk, I can combine two of my passions: taking pictures and taking a walk! So I decide on a topic, for example “fall”, and then while taking my walk I photograph everything that falls in this category.

My first photo walk is about Luxembourg city, my home town. I took these pictures in the summer and I hope to give you a little bit of summer feeling. Who doesn`t need some summer memories in dark November, right?Luxembourg City 1 Luxembourg City 2Luxembourg City 3Luxembourg City 4Luxembourg City 5Luxembourg City 6Luxembourg City 7Luxembourg City 8Luxembourg City 9Luxembourg City 10Luxembourg City 11

Love, Caroline ♥


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