WeAreKnitters 4

Last Wednesday, my flatmate celebrated her birthday. We`ve been living together now for three years, so I know her quite well. Of course the present question turned up a while ago… And this year it wasn`t difficult to find the perfect fit! I know that she likes wearing scarves and I like to knit. It was that easy!

Ok not sooooo easy… I knew what I wanted to give her, but I didn`t know which pattern or wool I should choose. Luckily, I`m following some knitters on Instagram and that`s how I found the website We Are Knitters.

If you like knitting, then this site will be your heaven! They have a ton of different yarns and the quality is just amazing. (And the different colors are so *heart eyes emoji*!) What I love about their site is that you can choose between a lot of patterns from scarves, cardigans to decoration stuff. If you purchase a pattern, you get as much wool as you need and you can order the right needle size, if you don`t have them already. Don`t worry if you`re a beginner, they have a lot of patterns from easy to difficult and they have some videos on their website where they explain everything from the beginning.

After scrolling down their website for I don`t know how many hours (I want to knit so many things), I chose the Downtown Snood and the color aquamarine. A few days later, I got a lovely little package with all the things I needed.

WeAreKnitters 1

WeAreKnitters 2

The pattern was very easy to knit and after two days I had already finished that beautiful scarf!
My flatmate was very happy, when she opened the present. And she was surprised that I had done it by myself! Homemade presents are always the best!

WeAreKnitters 3


And now I have a little surprise for you! We Are Knitters is offering 20% off of your next purchase!! Use the code CAROLINEWAK16 to get it!

I wish you so much fun with knitting your next project!!

Love, Caroline ♥



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