Weaving 1

I did it!!!

Maybe you remember this post about my goals for 2016. Well one of them is to learn how to weave. I learned how to knit last year and I fell in love with yarns! I never went to a class, I just taught myself. And that`s why I decided to teach myself weaving just by reading some tutorials. And it worked again!!

I know there`s still lots of improvement to be done, but hey you only learn by doing! And I`m very proud of that first weaving!

Weaving 2

I used this weaving kit by Martha Stewart. It`s great for beginners, because you can change the loom to different sizes and it`s not expensive!
I looked for some tutorials and finally used this one, because of all the pictures that describe the different steps perfectly.

I really encourage you to try a weaving on your own! That tutorial is great and I`m sure you can do this! It`s a very relaxing activity, similar to knitting, only that you don`t need to count rows. So it`s even more relaxing than knitting!

Weaving 3

And if you don`t want to weave, but still want to have a weaving hanging on your wall, then it`s your turn now! Because I`m giving that weaving away to YOU! (Not that I don`t want it, but I`ll be moving in summer and I only can take the necessary things with me. Besides, I`ll be doing a lot more weavings in the future!)
The size of the weaving is 23cm x 40cm and I`ll be shipping worldwide!!

To enter please leave a comment and tell me where you would like to hang that weaving. And to double your chance you can follow my blog by clicking on that orange “follow” button on the bottom of this page!

The giveaway will be closed on Tuesday the 31rst! I`ll be contacting the winner by email.

I wish you luck!!

Love, Caroline ♥

P.S. The giveaway is closed!


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