In summer 2016, I want to try 50 salad recipes. I`m setting this challenge because of my One Little Word health. You can read all about this challenge here. I`ll share with you my favorite recipes here on the blog!


I love cooking! Probably because I really love eating good food. At the end of a stressed day, there is nothing more amazing than standing in the kitchen making a delicious meal and finally get to eat it. At that very moment I`m totally happy. (Yes it`s as simple as that: Eating makes me happy!) Here`s … Continue reading PARMESAN RISOTTO.


You know how much I like food, how much I like to eat! However there is a little problem… Four years ago, we found out that I have lactose intolerance and that I`m allergic to lactic acid casein. This means that I shouldn`t eat eggs or milk products. First it was very difficult for me … Continue reading HOMEMADE CHIPS.

The original Tarte Flambee / Caroline`s Passion


As much as I love pasta, this recipe is one of my all time favorites! It`s so easy to make and in less than twenty minutes you`re finished! You can add basically every topping you like, but here`s the traditional French Tarte Flambee! The original Tarte Flambee Serves 2 Tarte Flambee dough (∼260g), lies in … Continue reading THE ORIGINAL TARTE FLAMBEE.