I love pasta. I could eat it all day! You`ll see there will be lots of different pasta recipes here on the blog, it`s really my favorite. Penne Carbonara is a very easy and classic dish, that`s why I want to start with it. I think everyone has probably his own recipe. I`ve tried some, … Continue reading PENNE CARBONARA.


Outside the leaves are turning color and I enjoy the last warm shafts of sunlight. Fall is here! But that doesn`t mean that I can`t bring back the summer into my kitchen! Tomatoes, mozzarella and basil… When I say these words, what are you thinking of? I think of Italy, of warm, sunny summer days … Continue reading PASTA CAPRESE.


Yes this is THE classic pasta dish! But I still think that everyone does it a little bit differently! I got this recipe from my housemate. My mother hasn`t told me yet her famous bolognese recipe. (Yes friends and family can`t get enough of my mum`s spaghetti!) It`s her secret! And that`s fine for me, but hopefully … Continue reading SPAGHETTI BOLOGNESE.