Yogurt Snack

It`s all about my health this year! That`s partly because of my One Little Word, but also because I have to take care of my food intolerances and sugars. So my snacks have to be sugar free! At the beginning it was very hard to find something to eat… Today I`m happy to say that it gets easier with the time.

Lately I`ve been eating a lot of yogurt with fresh fruits. It`s done in a few minutes, it`s refreshing and it sure is healthier than a finished product!

Here`s how you do it! You need:

  • unsweetened white yogurt (I usually take the one without lactose or soya yogurt)
  • fresh fruits (like raspberries, blueberries or blackberries)

Yogurt Snack 2

Take a cup and add as many yogurt as you want. Then add the fruits.

Yogurt Snack 3

Now you just have to take a spoon and squeeze the fruits. Stir the mixture properly and there you go!

Yogurt Snack 4

Enjoy your snack!

Love, Caroline ♥


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