In summer 2016, I want to try 50 salad recipes. I`m setting this challenge because of my One Little Word health. You can read all about this challenge here. I`ll share with you my favorite recipes here on the blog!



I think this is my favorite salad I tried so far! There are a lot of ingredients, I know… But I swear, it`s done in a few minutes and it tastes deliciously! A perfect salad for a warm summer evening, like we`re having them right now. Italian Salad Serves 2 250g green salad 250g cherry … Continue reading ITALIAN SALAD.


As you may know, I set a challenge for summer 2016. I want to try 50 salad recipes! Today I share with you my 10 favorite ones so far. I only give you a list of the ingredients, because normally salads are very easy to make, just combine everything! But if you have a question, please leave … Continue reading 10 SALADS I LOVE.