Last week I went to Amsterdam with my three best friends. None of us was there before, so we all had a lot to discover.

Amsterdam 02Amsterdam 03Amsterdam 04Amsterdam 05Amsterdam 06Amsterdam 12Amsterdam 11Amsterdam 07

What I liked most about this city is that at first sight the houses all look the same, but if you look closely you`ll see that they are all different. Amsterdam is also called “Venice of the North” and I think that`s totally true. There are 600 bridges and many canals which run through the city center. We did a boat tour, which I really recommend! It`s always good to see the world from different perspectives!

Amsterdam 08Amsterdam 13Amsterdam 09Amsterdam 10

If you like to live on a houseboat, Amsterdam is the perfect city! You`ll find all kinds of houseboats there, old and modern. And look at those plants! They don`t have much space, but they always find a place for their plants. I really like that!

Amsterdam 14

Here you can see the palace.

Amsterdam 15

This beautiful building is the central station.

Amsterdam 16Amsterdam 17

And by the way, belgian waffles are as good in Amsterdam as in Brussels! Mmmmmh!

Amsterdam 18 Amsterdam 19 Amsterdam 20 Amsterdam 21 Amsterdam 22

I could have taken a million pictures of all the different front doors! They all are so picturesque!  It`s such a cozy city.

Part II of this city trip will follow soon!

Love, Caroline ♥


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