Three weeks ago I went to Amsterdam with my three best friends. I`ve already shared a part of our trip, which you can read here.

We booked an apartment through Airbnb. I`ve heard a lot of good things about it, so I gave it a try and I have to say that everything went well and I surely will travel again with Airbnb.
We stayed three days in Amsterdam, which is enough to discover the main parts of the city. If you like to visit some museums (Amsterdam has a lot of them), three days will most likely be too short.
We just went to one museum, the Anne Frank House. I really recommend you to buy tickets on the internet before you go there, because we waited two hours to get in. No matter what time of the day you go there, there`s always a big big line! But with tickets you can enter directly the museum and it`s worth seeing!

Amsterdam 25

As an architecture student, I`m particularly interested in the architecture of the cities I`m visiting. Most of the houses in Amsterdam were build in the 17th century. They were build on poles, because the ground contains too much water. It`s comparable to Venice, where the whole city was build on poles. So Amsterdam has an old town center, but if you pay attention you also see modern architecture. Sometimes it`s added at the top of an old house…

Amsterdam 24

And some other time it`s a whole new house between the old ones.

Amsterdam 26

But there are also many modern buildings.

Amsterdam 34Amsterdam 27Amsterdam 28

In the last two pictures above, you can see the NEMO Science Center. Renzo Piano is the architect. The building lies waterside and it looks like a big boat in the harbor. Highlight is the roof-deck, which you can reach without going into the museum. From there you have a wonderful view over Amsterdam! Sadly we didn`t see the building from the inside… It`s on my list for next time when I`ll be there again.

Amsterdam 29Amsterdam 30Amsterdam 31Amsterdam 33

Here in Amsterdam I ate for the first time Indonesian food. We went to the restaurant Aneka Rasa and were very pleased. If you like Indonesian food, you should definitely go there! If you don`t like Asian food, don`t worry! Amsterdam has a lot more to offer: from Pizza, Pasta to Mexican food, fish restaurants and burgers. Everybody finds something!

Amsterdam 34 Amsterdam 35DSCN0810

Amsterdam, or simply the Netherlands, would not be the same without bikes! The three days we were there, we did everything by bike. There are many rentals and it`s so much fun to discover the city this way!

Amsterdam 37Amsterdam 36

I already said this, but I have to say it again: this city is sooo cozy! Just look at all those cute shops!

Amsterdam 39 Amsterdam 40 Amsterdam 41 Amsterdam 42

That was my trip to Amsterdam! If you were not there already, write it on your list. You won`t regret it!

And thanks girls for this amazing trip! I hope the next one will follow soon!

Love, Caroline ♥


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