Two weeks ago I went to Copenhagen with a friend. I`ve never been there before, so I was very excited to discover this city.

I have to say that February isn`t the best month to do a city trip, because it`s very cold, nobody`s outside and it`s getting dark early. Fortunately we had good weather, well let`s say the sun was there but it was very windy and cold! Our favorite place was always inside of a cafe! And Copenhagen has lots of cute cafes, which was amazing! But more about these in another post.

Let`s get some impressions from Copenhagen!

Copenhagen 10

Copenhagen 7

Copenhagen 1

Copenhagen 2

Copenhagen 4

Copenhagen 11

Copenhagen 12

Copenhagen 14

Copenhagen 8

Copenhagen 9

Copenhagen 17

When you think of Copenhagen, or let`s say when I thought of Copenhagen, I always had this last picture on my mind: colorful houses, creeks and boats. I thought THIS was Copenhagen. Colorful houses like in Stockholm and creeks like in Amsterdam. I thought Copenhagen was a mix of these two cities. But I have to disappoint you… There is just one little street that looks like this! At least for me that was rather disappointing!

Copenhagen 18

Copenhagen 15

Furthermore they say that Copenhagen is THE city for architecture enthusiasts. So I had very high expectations! Unfortunately a lot is still in the construction phase. In 2020 they want to finish the modern part of Copenhagen, Ørestad. There is a lot more to come! And once they are finished, I`m surely going back!

In the picture below you can see the opera house by Henning Larsen. A very interesting building with one of the most modern stages on earth!

Copenhagen 5

Copenhagen 6

Copenhagen 13Copenhagen 16

Copenhagen 22

Ørestad is a part of Copenhagen that is a city within a city. It has a university, school, student house, apartments, office buildings and shops. It`s an architect`s dream! Everything is newly planned, both urban development and buildings. I love the fact that they work a lot with water and bridges. Like this they build a friendly space that surely gets used a lot in summer. But also in winter, it untightens the urbanistic atmosphere.

Copenhagen 23

Copenhagen 3

Copenhagen 20

The picture above shows the facade of a student home called Tietgenkollegiet. The architects are Lundgaard and Tranberg. It has the form of a circle and in the middle there is a green courtyard that can be used by all the students. It`s a special example of a building that manages to establish communication between its inhabitants.

Copenhagen 19

Copenhagen 21

And that`s it for today! I`ll show you more pictures of my Copenhagen trip soon. So stay tuned!

I would love to hear if you have been to Copenhagen! What did you like the most? Were there some things you would like to recommend?

Love, Caroline ♥


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