Today I want to share with you a little bit more about my trip to Copenhagen a month ago. I`ve talked already about it here.
I want to show you where we stayed and what we ate, because Copenhagen has the cutest cafes and best restaurants! You can`t go wrong on that! Furthermore, we spent a day in Sweden (more precisely in Malmö) and I`ll tell you a bit about that!

So let`s get started with the place we stayed. I went with Airbnb for the second time (the first time was in Amsterdam) and I was very pleased again. We stayed with Lene in her apartment and I can only recommend you to go there! She`s a very nice host and our room was beautifully decorated. I especially loved the Scandinavian design (of course!).

Copenhagen 30

Copenhagen 31

Copenhagen 32

Copenhagen 33

Copenhagen 34

Copenhagen 35

As I said, Copenhagen has tons of good restaurants and cafes. Here`s a little selection we went to and they`re all recommendable!

1) La Esquina
We went there for lunch and had a delicious panini. They also have fresh juices and teas! This is how it looks inside.

Copenhagen 25

Copenhagen 24

2) Neighbourhood
If you love pizza, then you definitely have to go to this restaurant! They only have special toppings. We had Potato Brie and Fig Ham. And you have to try their organic juices! I had the “Beets by Drew”, a fresh cinnamon infused beetroot and apple juice. It tasted like heaven!!

Copenhagen 37

Copenhagen 38

3) Cafe Bang & Jensen
We had breakfast there one morning. This cafe used to be a pharmacy, but there`s not much left of that time. Today it`s a very cozy place where you could sit hours with a good book and a cup of tea.

Copenhagen 36

4) Royal Smushi Cafe
This cafe is hidden in a courtyard, but if you`re looking for it, you`ll find it! They serve delicious pastries and it`s a shop for goods (such as beautiful papers) as well!

Copenhagen 26

Copenhagen 28

Copenhagen 27

5) Sticks`n` Sushi
And now for all the sushi lovers among us: We found a super good sushi restaurant!! And yeah, I have good news for the sushi haters too: they serve delicious Asiatic dishes as well. I think everyone will be pleased here! The quality is excellent!!

Copenhagen 29

We had planned to stay three days in Copenhagen, but that was a little bit too long, as we didn`t want to visit museums and shopping was too expensive. (Copenhagen is a very expensive city…)
Fortunately, there is a direct train connection from Copenhagen airport to Malmö, in Sweden. It`s just perfect for a day trip. It only takes 30 minutes and there you are! It`s really worth the ride over the longest combined road and rail bridge in Europe, the Oresund Bridge (total length of 8 kilometers).
Malmö has a lovely city center. There are still some old houses between the newer ones and that makes it a very cozy center!

Copenhagen 42

Copenhagen 44

Copenhagen 45

Of course when being in Malmö, you should really visit the Torso Tower by architect Santiago Calatrava. (I`ve visited already the Calatrava Tower in Barcelona.) The Torso Tower is a fascinating building and you can see it even from Copenhagen!

Copenhagen 39

Copenhagen 41

Copenhagen 40

Copenhagen 46

All in all, I was a little disappointed of Copenhagen. I had very high expectations, because people always told me how very amazing this city is. We all know, if we`re flying high, we can fall deep…
I think going there in February wasn`t a good idea. It was just too cold! In summer, you can lend a bike, chill waterside and enjoy the sun on a terrace. That sounds better to me!
So Copenhagen, if we`re meeting again, it will be in summer!

Love, Caroline ♥


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