At the beginning of August I traveled to Croatia with two of my best friends and my sister. I`ve heard lots of good stuff about that country and I`ve seen so many beautiful pictures of its nature, so that I had big expectations. Usually I get disappointed when I`m too much looking forward to something, … Continue reading ZADAR.


Sibenik was the third stop on our tour through Croatia. It`s a city with ugly suburbs, but it has a cozy medieval center which is worth seeing. And as many cities in Croatia, it`s located near the sea which gives every city a special atmosphere. Sibenik has two castles which are both worth visiting. They … Continue reading SIBENIK.


It`s October and as I`m writing this, it`s cold, grey and raining outside. So I thought it would be perfect to look through my photos that I took this summer in Croatia. And right I was! These pictures are giving me so much sunshine and I`m already thinking where I want to go next year. … Continue reading SPLIT.


Here`s the very last part of my trip through Croatia. (Read all about my different stops here.) It was in August, in the middle of summer, that I went to that beautiful country. When I look now through the pictures I can hardly believe that I actually saw such beautiful places. It was like a dream! … Continue reading DUBROVNIK.