Nearly every year we do a family vacation. As I study abroad, I`m not so often at home anymore and that`s why I really appreciate that once a year, we all find the time to go on a vacation together.

This year we went to Gordes. Friends of us have a house there and we rented it for two weeks.
Gordes 2Gordes 3

First, let me introduce you to my wonderful family! My sister Sophie and my brother Thierry are four years younger than me. (Yes they`re twins and yes I know, they don`t look younger than me!) As you can guess, the other two are my parents Diane and Frank. Together we`re a family of five and I can tell you that it never gets boring!

Gordes 9

And this is my better half,  Pit. He`s my everything and I`m so happy that he joined us.Gordes 10

Gordes 11A perfect day in Provence started with a good breakfast. My parents always cycled to the baker, so that we could eat freshly baked “pain au chocolat”!
And then we went to the market. Every day there was another market in another village. So there were always new stands to be discovered. Provence is well known for its beautiful markets where you can find anything from lavender honey, homemade cinnamon plum jam, freshly pressed juices to clothes and jewelry. It`s just amazing!

Gordes 4Gordes 5Gordes 6Gordes 7Gordes 8Gordes 12Gordes 13

In the afternoon we liked to be at home to enjoy the sun and of course the cold water of our swimming pool. Gordes 14And at the end of the day, when the weather became cooler, we sat all together on our patio, eating and drinking a good bottle of wine and talking about old memories and the future. Then we played some games like Trivial Pursuit or “Kniffel” (a dice game) until we were all ready to go to bed.

Gordes 15

We liked these days very much, because it was all about spending time together and relaxing. But of course we did some day trips too! I`ll share more about these next week on the blog.

Love, Caroline ♥


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