In Provence there are so many picturesque villages. We lived in Gordes, which has the mention of being one of the most beautiful villages in France. Typically for Gordes are its sandstone houses. They have a convention there, that every house must have a beige facade and that makes it very beautiful. The village fits just perfectly in the environment.Gordes 1

Gordes 16Gordes 22

Next to Gordes lies the beautiful village of Roussillon.  It is build on a red rock and that`s why all the houses are painted in warm colors like red, yellow and orange. Again very picturesque!Gordes 17Gordes 18Gordes 19Gordes 20Gordes 21

The sea was a two-hour-drive away and we decided to go there at least once. (I`m not a big fan of the sea, because I don`t like the sand… But this view leaves you speechless!) We went to Cassis, which is well known for its beautiful colors of the sea! And yeah, it was really amazing!Gordes 23Gordes 24Gordes 25Gordes 26Gordes 27Another day, we went to Lourmarin. That was one of our favorite villages, because of its coziness! It has a lot of little boutiques and cafes where it`s difficult to get a seat, because the terraces are so crowded. But once you have your seat you don`t want to leave either. It`s the perfect place to observe the people who are passing. (And we really like to do that!)

Gordes 29 Gordes 30

That same day we also went to Bonnieux from where you have a wonderful view! Aside from that, there`s not so much to see and it`s not really worth going.Gordes 31Gordes 32

The highlight of our vacation was my father`s bicycle tour to the Mont Ventoux. It was already his second time ascending it by bike. We drove with our car to the top and couldn`t believe that my dad really did this rise by bike. The Mont Ventoux has a height of 1912 m and there are some really heavy rises. It`s a popular tour among cyclists. As I said, we were happy to go to the top by car and on our way we stopped sometimes to cheer for my dad. It was so fun! (And dad I`m really proud of you!)
Gordes 33Gordes 34Gordes 35Gordes 36Gordes 37Gordes 38

And that`s it! If you like to read more about our vacation in Provence, you can do this here.
Thanks for reading!

Love, Caroline ♥


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